Photo by Amanda Hill of the Memphis Bombshells

In less than a year, Natalie Meagan has cultivated a community that embraces sensitivity, tears, and the undeniable fight we all have inside when it comes to personal demons. The Crybaby Club is a beacon of light, hope, and acceptance which is much appreciated in a society that seems to focus on negativity, shaming, and the day in the life of Kimye. We're so happy to have her, and The Crybaby Club as members of the Broad & Jones squad.

Q: First things first, let’s get the basics. Where are you from? Zodiac sign? The least favorite hairstyle you’ve had?
Oh gosh, hey! I'm from Memphis, Tennessee, but I was born and raised on a tiny farm in a tiny town on the outskirts of the city. Seriously, we fished for our dinner, grew all our own veggies, and my summer job was boxing up Catawba worms to sell to the bait shop in town. I'm a Capricorn, and according to MyerBriggs an INFP, and oh man, senior year of high school, I wanted a pixie cut (my first of many) and the lady who did it, basically just hacked off all of my hair and did nothing to style it at all. I looked like a very feminine 12-year-old boy. It was a rough year for me.
Q: If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
I want an impressive answer like Egypt or Japan, but honestly, I'd just love to live close enough to Disney World to be able to go whenever I wanted to.  🙈
Q: One thing you can’t live without.
ONLY ONE!? My laptop.
Q: You're at your local coffee shop, and before you even open your mouth to order - the barista already started making it. What’s your usual?
The local coffee shop that I frequent, City & State, knows I have to have my iced smoky salted caramel latte. Maybe even 2 of them.
Q: What’s the one piece of advice for anyone wanting to build their own brand you wish you were told in the beginning?
Don’t be afraid to fail, and don't let one failure make you feel like the whole thing is a failure. Oh and, everything you do, do with a genuine heart.
Q: Every business owner has that moment that gives them the warm and fuzzies and completely reminds them what their purpose is. What was yours?
Every time I get an email from a crybaby who has been especially touched by our message of inclusion and sensitivity celebration. I'm always so happy and full of fuzzies when I know my message resonates.
Q: Favorite book? Cereal? Curse word?
The Mercy of Thin Air by Ronlyn Domingue
Cocoa Pebbles  
Q: If you could bring back one canceled TV show back to the air waves, what would it be? 
Q: Would you say you are more of a Broad or a Jones?
Definitely more Broad.
Q: Let’s say it’s the end of civilization as we know it, and you know you’re going to be stranded on an island for the rest of your life. What three albums would you bring with you?
The Format- B-Sides and Rarities 
Florence + the Machine- Ceremonials 
My Photo Album :)
Q: What was the one character trait about yourself that was the hardest, but most empowering to embrace?
My mental health. I have depression and anxiety, along with a bunch of other words that fall under the umbrella, and for a long time, I just wanted to be healed. A person can be affected deeply by something, I am that person, and I guarantee I'm affected.

Above photo courtesy of Amanda Hill of the Memphis Bombshells
July 29, 2016 by Jessica Evans

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