White Chocolate Dry Shampoo

Miss Violet Lace

White Chocolate Dry Shampoo

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For light hair

Exquisite white chocolate envelops hair in a luxe scent, with gentle kaolin and strongly drawing bentonite clays absorbing excess oils to leave hair more voluminous and fresh. Organic arrowroot powder thickens hair with additional absorbing power, making hair easier to style by reviving flat, dull tresses. Silky coconut milk powder gives the blend a silky texture that is gentle on light, dry and damaged hair types to prevent overdrying. Enhanced with organic chocolate extract for an intoxicating treat.

Shake onto roots and hair, leave for 2-5 minutes. Brush thoroughly to distribute.

Ingredients: Kaolin clay (kaolin), *arrowroot powder (maranta arundinacea), bentonite clay (bentonite), coconut milk powder (cocos nucifera), *chocolate extract (theobroma cacao)

100% Natural, and Vegan

Size: 3.9 oz.

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