When it comes to handcrafting luxurious bar soap, body scrubs and linen sprays - Rachel at Taylor Street Soap Co. is the maker you want. Rachel launched her brand, out of need. To find a bar of soap that wouldn't irritate and itch her skin (something I can completely appreciate!). With chemistry on her side, she created her recipe for cold pressed artisanal soaps, and they are perfect. Now she's added other amazing products with stunning packaging. 

Q: First things first, let’s get the basics. Where are you from? Zodiac sign? Least favorite hairstyle you’ve had?
I’m Rachel, and I live in Chicago (real Chicago, not the suburbs)
My awkward attempt to tease my bangs in the 1990s. It doesn’t work on thin, fine hair.

Q: How do you prefer to read? A hardcover book on your lap, audiobook or reading with a tablet?
I love to hold an actual book, turn the pages and hand it to a friend to share. But for convenience, I do love my Kindle and iPad reading apps.

Q: One thing you can’t live without.
Intelligentsia coffee—iced in the summer and hot in the winter. I'm a zombie without coffee.

Q: Last thing you binge-watched on Netflix.
The Get Down

Q: What’s the one piece of advice for anyone wanting to build their own brand you wish you were told in the beginning?
Be wise about how you spend money and learn to differentiate between necessary purchases and items that are nice to have. Find creative solutions until you make money!

Q: Every business owner has that moment that gives them the warm and fuzzies and completely reminds them what their purpose is. What was yours?
For me, it's the small customer interactions when I sell in person. I've had customers pull one of my lip butters from their pocket and tell me how they take it everywhere and love it. I'm still excited every time I get an order from repeat customers. It's so humbling to know that people love what I've created and want to give me their hard earned money.

Q: Favorite Movie? Food? Curse word? 90’s Jam?
Sixteen Candles
Peanut butter (preferably with chocolate)
“Shit a brick.”
Let’s take it old school -- Darude “Sandstorm.”

Q: If you could bring back one canceled TV show back to the air waves, what would it be?
The original Dark Shadows. I’ve been watching old episodes on YouTube, and I’m obsessed.

Q: Would you say you are more of a Broad or a Jones?
I’m a Jones. I believe life should come complete with glitter and glam rock.

Q: Let’s say it’s the end of civilization as we know it, and you know you’re going to be stranded on an island for the rest of your life. What three albums would you bring with you?
Beatles “Abbey Road.”
Rolling Stones “Let It Bleed.”
The National “High Violet.”

Q: What was the one character trait about yourself that was the hardest, but most empowering to embrace?
I had to learn to fail, which is very hard for a perfectionist. I suspect that fear is what keeps most people from ever attempting to start their own business. I had a prior business in letterpress printing, and it wasn’t my forte and I never really had much success with it. I learned from that experience and found something I really loved with soapmaking. But taking that leap the second time was more difficult.

September 02, 2016 by Jessica Evans



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I <3 that you do these interviews w/featured vendors. Good job, shopkeep!

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