Founded in 2014, Queenie sought out to create a brand that was minimal, versatile and honest. Mission accomplished. Ænon's is known for blending science and the art of craftsmanship into natural products. Not only are the products incredible, but the packaging is swoon worthy. And can we just talk about Queenie's flawless sense of style? If you haven't had a chance to try their quick fix masks and scrubs - you're missing out. I'm never without them. 


Q: First things first, let’s get the basics. Where are you from? Zodiac sign? Least favorite
hairstyle you’ve had?
I’m originally from New York City but I’m currently living in Los Angeles.
A mullet. Yup, you read that right. It was an accident.

Q: How do you prefer to read? A hardcover book on your lap, audiobook or reading with a tablet?
Kindle app on my iPad. I like to read several books at once so it’s easier to have everything in one place.

Q: You're at your local coffee shop, and before you even open your mouth to order - the barista already started making it. What’s your usual?
Large cold brew! 

Q: Last thing you binge-watched on Netflix.
I just finished season 2 of Reign. I like to have background noise when I’m in the studio so I go through TV series pretty quickly.

Q: What’s the one piece of advice for anyone wanting to build their own brand you wish you were told in the beginning?
I’ve gotten a lot of great advice from people but I also realized that what worked for them might not work for me. It’s cliché but trust your instinct. You’ll be pulled in a million different directions and it’s important to internalize ideas and advice and see how or if it can apply to your business. 

Q: Every business owner has that moment that gives them the warm and fuzzies and completely reminds them what their purpose is. What was yours?
When I got my first repeat customer and review!

Q: Favorite Movie? Food? Curse word? 90’s Jam?
A Chinese Odyssey
Jamiroquai / Virtual Insanity

Q: If you could bring back one canceled TV show back to the air waves, what would it be?
It’s not my favorite show of all times but I wish Hello Ladies had more than just one season.

Q: Would you say you are more of a Broad or a Jones?
A bit of both!

Q: Let’s say it’s the end of civilization as we know it, and you know you’re going to be stranded on an island for the rest of your life. What three albums would you bring with you?
Alice in Chains / Dirt
Fiona Apple / When the Pawn
MGMT / Oracular Spectacular

I think that’s a good mix?

Q: What was the one character trait about yourself that was the hardest, but most empowering to embrace?
I’m stubborn but I know what I want and where I stand. 

September 16, 2016 by Jessica Evans

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